Muslim activist Omair Siddiqi was threatened with racial slurs and nearly ran off the road by a pick up driver whose car had extremist stickers. Siddiqi said he was on his way home from work when he stopped at the Shell Station in Richardson for gas. At that point, a white pickup truck pulled up next to him and proceeded to aggressively tail Siddiqi. The driver was a white, middle-aged man, who reportedly said, "Take your rag ass back to your country." The driver also reportedly threatened and cursed at Siddiqi, saying, "I'm gonna [expletive] kill you." The drive then attempted to run him off the road, nearly causing Siddiqi to crash into a light pole. The stickers on the back of the truck allegedly refer to American Infidel, an anti-Muslim group, and The Three Percenters, an anti-government extremist group. Siddiqi works as an outreach coordinator for the Council on American-Islamic Relations' Dallas Fort-Worth chapter. Law enforcement are investigating the case as a terrorist threat.